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5-Day Self-Expression Challenge

Where do they keep it?

All the audacity people have to clearly communicate their wants, dreams, and needs to the world? 


Maybe they’re born with it, maybe it’s mindset, or maybe it’s more complicated than that…


You’re doing your best by those around you, you’ve given your all to everyone… but when was the last time you made time for yourself and your dreams?

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​​​If you avoid the conflict to keep the peace, you start a war inside yourself.​
- Cheryl Richardson

Introducing a 5-day virtual experience where you will learn to find your authentic voice, learn to communicate your needs, and find a shit ton of audacity to ask for what you deserve. 

What People Are Saying...

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 ​​Monday, May 29th - Friday, June 2nd 2023
5:00-6:30pm PST/8:00-9:30pm EST each day

NO EXCUSES: Calls will be recorded and available to watch at your own convenience.


Online Webinar from the comfort of your own home or office. The webinar link will be sent to you when you register. Participants are encouraged to participate through chat or share video.

Online Webinar from the comfort of your own home or office. The webinar link will be sent to you when you register. Participants are encouraged to participate through chat or share video.

What's Included?

  •  5 Days of 90 minute webinars with our experts

  • 3 one-on-one phone calls to help you understand your unique communication challenges (2x15 minute & 1x45 minute)

  •  Access to our community page with like-minded individuals

  •  Daily activities and meditations to support your self-expression

Have The Audacity

5-Day Self-Expression Challenge

Only $33

Steps To Confident Self-Expression

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Uncover what social programming and conditioning have caused you to hide, play small, or suppress your authentic voice.


Recover the nature of your suppressed self and learn to embody those qualities through mindfulness and other activities in the course. 


Learn the best communication and mindset skills to help you express yourself with more clarity, confidence, and empowerment.

5-630pmPST8-930EST Online Via Zoom.png



Master Life & Trauma Coach


Master Certified Trauma Coach

Featured On

"From the rehearsal rooms to the Coachella Stage, working with Nathan helped me to trust my creative vision and step into the power of my leadership."


Coco, CEO/Creative Director

Bob's Dance Shop

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Maybe you've fallen into cycles of...

  • Feeling guilty for prioritizing your basic needs

  • Taking on responsibility to avoid conflict

  • Making yourself small due to fear of rejection

  • Isolating yourself from the world and those we love

  • Silencing yourself to keep the peace

  • Doubt in your abilities to live a more meaningful life

Tropical Leaves

You're Ready To...

✅ Create meaningful connections with others...

✅ Discover more meaning on this floating rock...

✅ Develop effective communication skills...

✅ Ask for a raise...

✅ Build confidence and self-esteem...

✅ Take a a fucking bubble bath...

✅ Clearly communicate your wants, needs, and desires...

✅ Learn to trust yourself and make aligned choices...

More People Saying Nice Things...

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Create Lasting Change

Seeking support from a therapist can provide the necessary tools for managing and improving mental health in the present crisis, yet it can fall short in creating a sustainable mindset for an independent future. Once we uncover the unconscious patterns of the past, we deserve to take ownership of our experience and healing, before we can truly see lasting change in our behavior.

Hélène's experience of helping victims and accused alike feel comfortable divulging their truth on their worst day will redefine your experience of true psychological safety. Nathan brings an understanding of how movement and the breath can work together to create physical safety in the body and release the emotions and expectations weighing us down.

Our Methods

Having navigated highly structured corporate and militaristic environments, Hélène & Nathan will help you distinguish between which rules and roles have made you successful and which have been holding you back and kept you playing small, so you can redefine your future on your own terms.


Their trauma-informed coaching method will help you identify the past pain that has kept you from putting yourself out there, empower you to heal the hurt, and allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin, stand up for yourself, and finally ask for what you deserve. This combined somatic and coaching approach will break down the harmful habits in the mind and body, as well as the identities formed to protect oneself and meet the demands of social expectations.  Going through this process will give you the intellectual self-awareness and emotional self-compassion you need in to to show up unapologetically and forge deeper, more authentic connections with those around you.

Hélène Caniac

Communication Coach & Trauma Specialist

As the "Queen of Questions," Hélène has always been driven by her passion to find the truth–having spent nearly a decade as a military criminal investigator, she now wields her expertise to help people uncover the truth within themselves. Her determined curiosity, candor and compassion have changed the lives of high-achievers seeking to bring their full, authentic selves into all areas of their life by embracing self-expression. As an accredited Certified Fraud Examiner and Professional Certified Coach, with 9 international and board recognized certifications, Hélène uses her keenly trained eye to find unconscious patterns of self-sabotage.  With a lived experience of navigating the military, cultural conflicts, gender bias, imposter syndrome, and grief, Hélène empowers professionals to achieve success by their own definition. She brings a direct, trauma-informed approach to help clients take a stand for themselves, reclaim their forgotten identity, and take ownership of their lives so they can demand satisfaction they deserve. By embracing vulnerability as a strength and asset, we can reclaim the identities we sacrificed at the altar of societal acceptance. When we take ownership of our pain, we discover greater opportunities for pleasure. Hélène combines her cosmopolitan insight, academic research, and professional experience to coach those ready to put themselves back in the narrative of their lives. 


Nathan Serrato

Identity Coach & Somatic Trauma Specialist

As a Master Certified Life & Trauma Coach and Yoga & Breathwork Instructor, Nathan has aimed to break people free from their shame prisons and help them to participate in life as their fully expressed selves. Nathan has nearly a decade of experience working in nonprofits, served on the Planning Commission of Escondido, and currently trains coaches and entrepreneurs in Somatic Coaching, Breathwork, ICF Coaching, NLP, & Time Line Therapy®. Nathan has also been featured in podcasts for NPR, Fagnostic, and been a panelist for the Human Rights Campaign Mental Health Forum. All these leadership experiences have served to bring Nathan back to his mission of helping people shed their worldly conditioning and rediscover the best parts of themselves. As someone who has experienced the shame-ridden challenges of religious & sexual trauma, the mental health resources available were disappointing to say the least. Nathan aims to bring inclusive, holistic, and most up-to-date practices to help people return to their authentic expression so they can truly start living.

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